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Shelby’s “Reverse Fundraiser” gives back to businesses that have supported the school
Shelby’s “Reverse Fundraiser” gives back to businesses that have supported the school
Posted on 04/13/2021
For years, area restaurants have helped to provide funds to Shelby Junior High School students to support their education. 

A group of Shelby Junior High School students want to return the love this year.

“These companies always helped us, so we want to reverse it – we want to help them,” said Student Council president Mekhi Kattula.  “We don’t want any money from them - we want to give it to them.”

Traditionally, area restaurants have held special Shelby Junior High School evenings where a portion of this evening’s proceeds go directly to the school.

This year, the Shelby Student Council created a “reverse fundraiser” – the money that normally goes to the school now goes back to the restaurant. 

“It is our mission to help these restaurants because they are always helping us,” said Leah Clower. 

Clower said that the student council works with the restaurant to establish a special night and then the school shares that information to Shelby staff and families, encouraging families to eat out that night to support their community. 

Student council member Zeina Faour said that feedback from the restaurant owners has been positive. 

“At first when we call them they are kind of confused because we have never done this before,” Faour said. “But as we explain the project they really get excited. We had one owner who said it did a great job and their business really took off that night.”

The 30-member student council annually supports charities as part of its leadership mission, including school beautification projects. They work with advisors Erin Chambers, Michelle Kupke and Danielle Gibbs.

This year, as members were discussing how the pandemic has impacted their ability to support traditional projects, members came up with the idea of supporting restaurants during this difficult time.

“The students are so committed to this project,” Chambers said. “These kids are doing all of this on their own time and are really working together to make it successful.”

So far, Shelby has supported three local restaurants and are looking for more to close out the school year. They are traditionally held on Wednesdays. 

Restaurants who want to partner with the council are encouraged to contact Shelby Junior High School at 586-797-3700.